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Stories define and inspire us. KMC Media Co. is a boutique publisher in Portland, Oregon dedicated to the fine art of story. If you’re interested in learning more about any of our titles, or wish to share your unique story with the world, contact us here.


Crazy Wolf: A Half Breed Story

John takes you on a journey of deep compassion, sadness, hope and joy as he paints a vivid picture of the lasting impacts of historical and intergenerational trauma, healing and wisdom. Through his personal mantra of “Opportunity, Effort and Ability,” we recognize his strong instinct and feel his desire to be a better human being, to be of service to others and to seek and manifest social justice. Every Native parent, schoolteacher, social worker, public health professional, tribal council member, urban Natives and anyone wishing to be trauma and healing informed should read John’s story.

Lost Codex of the Christian Heretics

The Lost Codex is the story of danger, love, betrayal and choice. The Da Vinci Code meets The English Patient in this thrilling new novel by Oregon author, Kyla Merwin. Discover the well-kept secrets of early Christianity as three daring friends search the remote and mysterious landscapes of 1947 Egypt–unveiling the most controversial archaeological discovery in 2,000 years. In their search for the lost Gnostic Gospels, the intrepid adventurers confront religious zealots charged with destroying the manuscripts, a clan of feuding tribesmen bent on blood revenge, a conniving billionaire demanding the promised secrets of endless power, an obsessed agent of the Egyptian government, and their own deepest fears.

Lost & Found in Egypt: A Most Unlikely Story Through the Shifting Sands of Love and Loss

For anyone who has ever felt stuck in their lives, or wonders if there isn’t more to who they think they are, Lost & Found in Egypt is a must-read. With more dumb guts than preparation, a middle-aged woman with a desk job decides to take a solo journey to the Middle East on the Get-There-and-Wing-it Plan. In a voice both raw and illuminating, Kyla Merwin explores the back roads, bustling bazaars, and shifting sands of Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula.



Genuine Oregon

Go Places • Have Fun • Tread Lightly

Greater Mind

7 Hacks to Super-Recover from Addiction & Relapse: This blogcast explores powerful tools you’ll find on the path to a greater mind, more profound recovery, and deep personal fulfillment.

Kyla Merwin

Kyla’s Goals in Life: Write something worth remembering; Be useful in this crazy world; Find something holy.

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