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Attack of the (Harmless) Harbor Seals

Or, Just Another Day at the Beach

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen 25 angry, bobbing seal heads coming across the water, straight at YOU.  

“Slowly back away.” 

This directive comes from my friend, John, animal whisperer and kayaking companion, who had the good sense to keep a respectful distance from the sunbathing flock of harbor seals on the shore of Siletz Bay.

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The Beginning, the Journey and a Return to the End:

5 Oregon Lake Trails That I Love

Mt. Hood Reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon

With the water off one shoulder and the forest off the other, a narrow lake trail lures me away from civilization and the weighty concerns of the world.

Even though each trail begins and ends in the same place, I’m always better for having taken the journey.

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