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Lost Codex Cover MedRes 1.2The Lost Codex of the Christian Heretics

A Novel by Kyla Merwin
Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-9910689-2-0
Pages: 468

The Da Vinci Code meets The English Patient in this thrilling new novel by Oregon author, Kyla Merwin.

Discover the hidden secrets of early Christianity as three daring friends search the remote and mysterious landscapes of 1947 Egypt–unveiling the most controversial archaeological discovery in 2,000 years.

In their search for the lost Gnostic Gospels, the intrepid adventurers confront religious zealots charged with destroying the manuscripts, a clan of feuding tribesmen bent on blood revenge, a conniving billionaire demanding the promised secrets of endless power, an obsessed agent of the Egyptian government, and their own deepest fears.

The Lost Codex is the story of danger, love, betrayal and choice. It’s a journey though the fears and ecstasies of the human spirit, and a search for the most controversial religious material of the 20th century.


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A Most Unlikely Journey Through the Shifting Sands of Love and Loss

A Memoir by Kyla Merwin
ISBN: 978-­0-­9910689‐0-­6

With more dumb guts than preparation, a middle-aged woman with a desk job takes a solo journey to the Middle East on the Get-There-and-Wing-it Plan. In a voice both raw and illuminating, Kyla Merwin explores the back roads, bustling bazaars, and shifting sands of Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. Kyla’s journeys take her through dramatic inner and outer landscapes – sometimes frightening, often hilarious and ultimately heartwarming – that finally bring her back home, and back to her most authentic self.

Kyla & PipKyla & Pip
About the Author Kyla Merwin is an avid and reckless traveler and author who has traveled extensively through the Pacific Northwest, as well as many parts of Western Europe, Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. She works as a freelance writer and custom publisher, and makes her home with her golden-retriever-on-the-go, Pippin, in the Pacific Northwest.
Media Inquiries: Email Kyla for all media inquiries.

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