Muddy Pip Mountain Trail zoom

My dog cracks me up. I’ve spoiled him past the point of dog-hood. Pip is no man’s dog. He is a couch potato, a snuggle bunny, a friend of coyotes.

His key occupations: ground sniffer, treat tester, dirt digger, sunbather, and chief analyzer of belly, ear and gum rubs.

Sometimes, he’s a lamb. Not the sweet baby lamb you see pictured in the arms of a shepherd. No. This is the sheep of black legs and snout. This only requires a deep, dark, mud puddle and – voila! – the transformation is complete.

Pippin knows that nothing is truly fun unless you stick your face in it, be it a lake, a puddle, someone’s lap, or deer poop.

The boy does everything with gusto.

Lessons learned:

1. On Love: If you’re not getting the love and affection you need, let out a soft, high-pitched whine and make it louder and louder until someone pets you.

2. On Your rightful place: The Center of the Known Universe.

3. On Fun: Mud is good. Get dirty.

4. On Sincerity: Do it with heart or don’t do it at all.

Today, I’ll take Pip’s example and work in the yard while it rains, write something well, and ask for some attention when I need it.